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Bradfords Consulting

Technology, SEO, Hosting and Web Development

Bradfords Consulting

Technology, SEO, Hosting and Web Development

Creating Solutions, Helping Businesses

Bradfords Consulting was started to help businesses with their IT needs. We are passionate about technology and enjoy providing quality consulting, SEO, hosting, and web development. With many years experience consulting in primarily the financial, medical, and non-profit industry, we’re confident there’s ways we can help your business save money and improve your IT systems. If you have any questions, just ask.  Hope to talk to you soon!


Web Development

We can migrate and create websites, host them, update or revamp, and even fix your sites if they are broken. We host websites starting at $10/month and provide all inclusive website services. 

Web Consulting

We can review your current site and provide a list of ways to immediately improve your search ranking, and provide reporting on your website visitors. Site running slow? We can diagnose and fix it. Host with us for guaranteed uptime and performance.


Computer Consulting

Personal or business computer security, web filtering, backups, and antivirus recommendations is just a conversation away. Have a PCI or HIPPA audit that doesn’t make sense? Let us help you become compliant and stop worrying if your systems are secure.

Server & Network Consulting

We can evaluate your current server needs and expenses. Stop overpaying for your IT and ensure you’re network is secure, backed up, and updated. Keep WiFi and your workstations fast, secure, and your employees or customers happy. IT equipment is often significantly over priced or over provisioned. Ask us if you are over spending and how we can save you money.

Business Phone Systems

Save money and go mobile with a VOIP business phone system. Modern phone systems allow you to make and receive business calls from cell phones, allow recording all calls, and text message. Many companies overpay for basic IT needs like phone lines. Ask how you can get business phone lines for every employee for less.


Stop spending money on ads or marketing that do not show results. With website tracking and internet ads you should always know what your marketing budget is getting you. Find out how we can help you get the most form SEO and your marketing budget.

Consulted Servers

Consulted Workstations

Consulted Websites

Conversations About I.T.

Website Consulting

Do you have a website and that doesn’t look the best or do what you want? Let us move you to a new WordPress, modern and mobile-friendly site. Around 70% of web traffic is on mobile nowadays, so do your customers a favor and make your website look good and easy to navigate. We always make SEO improvements on every site we touch. If you want to drive traffic to your site or generate more leads, talk to us about our SEO services and we can help ensure you are getting the most traffic for your advertising dollars.

Server & Network Consulting

We’ve been around long enough to know some things work, but are not the best, and cost more than they should. If you’re a business that depends on an on-premise server or computer, you should be confident in licensing, firewalls, anti-virus, backups, and know what to do if a crash occurs. There’s downtime and then there’s DOWNTIME. Save money, and stay secure. Don’t wonder if your IT is compliant or maintained, reach out to someone that will tell you what you need to know regarding your IT systems.

WiFi, Phones, and Video Consulting

There’s some truth to the idea, “If it’s plugged in, ask I.T.”  We take our real-world research and successful deployment knowledge of WiFi, VOIP phones, and video security systems, and help you accomplish your goals as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We don’t cut corners and we don’t overspend. If you’re looking to update or evaluate any of your I.T. systems, give us a call and let’s make sure you’re not over-spending and not compromising.


We enjoy what we do, and want to help your businesses. Let’s chat.

Let’s have a Conversation

If your in need of professional I.T. help or consulting, we’d love to have a conversation about how we might serve you. Please email or call us so we can help your business with what it needs. The majority of our customers are remote or online exclusively, however if you are in the San Antonio or Austin region we can provide onsite consulting or services.