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Secure, Trusted Website Hosting

We build websites. We secure websites. We host websites. Stop wondering if your site is backed up, optimized, fast, and available. We will host your site and provide consulting services along the way.


Plans For Every Need

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Our Features

All Hosting Plans Include 

Personal Service

We host for businesses and people that desire personal service, and that is what we deliver.

White Glove Support

No call center, no departments, just direct access to professional web developers and system administrators. 

Expertly Designed

Our hosting partners and backend programs are some of the best. We are constantly evaluating the latest technology and ensuring your site is using the best. 

Daily Backups

Do not worry about site availably or downtime. We automate backups to ensure if a roll-back is needed, it can happen. 

Cloudflare Firewall

Just like you have a firewall for your home or business, your website needs one too. All our hosted sites have a firewall in front of them to keep them safe from hackers.


Sites should load fast. That is why we ensure all of our hosted sites meet speed standards for loading to ensure your visitors do not have to wait.

Guaranteed Uptime

We make sure your site stays online and available. If there ever is an issue, we have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and fix it quickly. No effort on your part is needed. 


Using our knowledge of SEO we ensure how we host is what search engines like. We ensure our hosted sites are updated, visitor friendly, mobile friendly, and fast. All of which helps drive visitors and keep traffic flowing. 

Discounted Web Development

Our hosted customers receive significantly discounted rates on web development. From creating new pages, editing pages, custom programming, or securing application portals, if you host with us you save on any additional website needs. 

Why Choose Bradfords Consulting for your Hosting?

We offer personal and direct service along with your access to a full range of IT consulting services. Want a website created? We can take it from your idea, through development, then hosting, and then to SEO consulting for driving traffic and generating results.

Built to Last

Traffic and Data Demanding Optimizations

Cloudflare Firewall

All our sites use Cloudflare to block malicious actors or other threats to your site.

Always Online

Using Cloudflares network allows your website to be cached and “Always Online” in the event an issue occurs with the hosting provider.

Custom Web Programming

We develop and build most of the sites we host. Using industry standards and the best security practices we ensure no matter your site’s application or purpose; it always performs as intended. 

Admin Control

We control hosting across all our sites. Our customers can have access to WordPress Admin sections but no access to the underlying hardware or server operating system.

Secure hosting by restricting access to underlying servers of hosted sites.

Any changes to the servers are controlled by us.

Backups cannot be accessed by a customer's account, preventing deletion if your account is compromised.

We are your website and server admin, so you can focus on your business.

Divi Theme with Executive Hosting

The most popular WordPress theme in the world is included in our Executive Hosting plan. Divi makes building websites easy and normally cost $200 for a lifetime license. Our customers get it included with Executive Hosting.