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Our Services

Web Consulting & Development

We can create websites, host them, update or revamp, and fix broken one’s, or review your current site and provide a list of ways to immediately improve your search ranking, and provide reporting on your website visitors. Let us harden your site security and availability with a firewall and backups included in all our hosting packages.

Computer & Server Consulting

Computers are critical tools most businesses require to operate and ensure routine business functions. Make sure you are getting the most out of your current infrastructure and plan for the future. Do not wonder if a vendor is overcharging you for hardware or if you are utilizing the best hardware solution for your business. Contact us to get a accurate evaluation and recommendation on new computer purchases, server purchases, or increasing the life or productivity of your current hardware.

Many business spend way to much, or not enough, protecting the computers and backing up critical information in case of ransomware or file deletions. We can answer the questions and recommend the best solutions for your business needs in areas of computer security, web filtering, backups, ransomware protection, and major computer or server hardware purchases.

 Personal or business computer security, web filtering, backups, and antivirus recommendations is just a conversation away.

Phone & Video Security Consulting

Save money and go mobile with VOIP business phones and self-monitored camera systems. Make and receive business calls from mobile, log and record all calls, and view cameras from anywhere. 

Custom Software API Solutions

We can write custom software solutions to connect applications that you need to “talk” to each other. Many software vendors provide an API intended for users to access and display information in a way that makes sense for customers. If you use software that has an API, and would like it to do more, we can help in that process.

Circuitree Add-ons

We have developed Circuitree Add-ons to display event information on your website that otherwise lies hidden within the registration process. Visit https://www.ctaddons.com/ to read more about this solution.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) does not have to be a mystery to your business. Let us talk about the best ways to use your marketing and advertising budget with documented results so you know what you are getting for your spend. We can recommend the best ways to increase traffic to your site, from adding original, regular content to your site, to spending money on Google or Facebook Ads. If you want us to mange it all for you, we can do that as well with monthly reports on what you are getting for your spend.